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quama topWe have been through many digitizing companies that all preach 24 hour great service, the problem is that none of them can come through with a good final product. They all meet 24 hours but with a not so good end product. Saif is the first digitizer that does meet all expectations and does a very very good job, he is excellent with customer service and even more pleasant when it comes to making revisions and most importantly he appreciates your business and tries to help you out with great pricing as well as the great service he provides. We have sent Saif hundreds of designs large and small over the past year or so. He has yet to disappoint us! We highly recommend him for everyone!!quama bottom


quama topThanks for your designs, these 2 designs look great without any problems:
We would like to use Digifine Studios for our designs, I've asked our accountant, we are able to pay by International Wire Transfer, and we prefer pay on monthly basis.  Just wondering are you able to be contacted during our working time (8:00am-6:00pm GMT+10), if no, are there any contact method we can use, e.g. other email address?  How many designs can you deal with every day?  Are there particular day you are not able to work, e.g. public holiday?
OK, my final question is can we start from today or tomorrow?quama bottom


quama topI got an opportunity to work with Saif for 6 years and in 6 years he had impressed me many times with his unique & exceptional skills. He is very professional and hardworking; always complete his task before you as for it. He is the best Digitizer I had come across, very talented and creative. I would love to work with and its honor to work with Saif……. :) :)quama bottom


quama topThanks for the wonderful work on this design, though the stitches is huge on this one, but the embroidery finish look is fantastic--Great job from your digitizer!! Such a detail design and your digitizer didn't miss a single bit--Amazing work!!!
Big praise for him/her please! You let us win our customer and approve yourself to be the top level professionals.
By the way, how much is this design--I only charge our customer Dollar $60.00, can you just charge me that amount only? I know this coasted your digitizer a lot lot time, we are on-going using you guys, and can I have a special deal on this record high stitches design??quama bottom


quama topWe swatch CARDINAL LOGO and it really came out neat and clean. Overall our client was very impressed with the quality. Can we chat on MSN please, we need to discuss about the 3D puff logo you did last week.quama bottom


quama topDigifine Studios is one of the most talented digitizers I've come across. I have had quite a few, and gave Saif a try because he offered a free trial. His work was superior to others I had used. He is the first digitizer that I've ever known that can do shading. This is difficult with embroidery, but not for Saif. I recommend him highlyquama bottom


quama topDigifine Studios is detailed and customer oriented. He is the best Digitizer I have ever worked with. His designs always wow my clients!quama bottom


quama topIn the past, we have tried using true type fonts that have been converted so that they could be used in an embroidery program. I know you guys from past 4 years and you do the best digitizing with clarity, so I was wondering if you would be interested in digitizing our next font. We set the parameters for stitching on pique material, and use minimal pull compensation, so they will stitch on heavier materials.quama bottom


quama topDigifine Studios Your work is very good, we are happy to have you help us. More digitizing jobs are coming your way. Please take a look at the Springfield digitizing job from last week. We need to add 2009 under 14 premiers.quama bottom


quama topThank you for getting the logo back so quickly. It really look good we will run a sample ASAP and will let you know.quama bottom


quama topThanks for asking for feedback on your services. We are really pleased with your services and don’t worry your work is great and we will be continuing with your services for long term.quama bottom