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Customer requests us a free quote by filling in the Request a Quote form or they can directly send us an order by filling in the Order form
We send a free Quote to the customer within 2 hours after receiving the query for a quote. In the event that a customer has sent us an order, we send a confirmation mail to the customer against their order with any queries regarding their artwork.
The planning unit then does a careful analysis of the order & puts the right man on the right job.
The Digitizing Unit then does the digitizing work keeping in mind the actual production & by following the parameters that have been set as default at our company.
The design is then sent to the Quality Checking Unit who thoroughly check the quality of the design on the computer first and then by running it on our sampling machines innumerable number of times until they are completely satisfied with the design quality.
Then an invoice is sent to the customer at every month end.
The customer can get the design edited if needed within 7 days of receiving the digitized design. Any editing required due to an error caused by us is done free of cost, but if the customer needs to alter the design because of other reasons then some editing charges will be applicable.
The customer makes a payment via Credit card or Wire transfer.